The sound of the vowels in Spanish

Pronouncing Vowels in Spanish:

The Spanish language is much like a song made of five tones. The
vowels a, o, u are strong while e, i are soft. By contrast English has
12 different sounds. The letter C in Spanish shows these sounds.
Ca, Co & Cu sound like K. Ce & Ci sound like S.
Examples: Casa, Cosas, Cuatro, Centro, Cine.
By using the letter L in combination with the vowels, you will learn
the correct pronunciation of the vowels in Spanish.
la – le – li – lo – lu, or al- el – il – ol – ul
More examples: ma-me-mi-mo-mu / sa-se-si-so-su / ta-te-ti-to-tu
To correctly pronounce the vowels in Spanish, open your mouth
wide to pronounce the a sound and gradually close it as you
pronounce e, then smile to pronounce i, then close your mouth a
bit more to pronounce o and u.